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Mission :

- Create web pages: create page layout using modules available in the CMS. Create, edit and publish content (text, images, videos, etc.).
- Make web changes as needed in our Drupal-Acquia CMS system that runs various websites.  
- Ensure that all content is on-brand, consistent in terms of style, quality and tone of voice, and optimized for search and user experience.
- Implement on-page SEO best practices to increase organic search.
- Verify that page content is relevant, bug-free, and accessible to all users.
- Proactively report and debug issues that arise with the performance of the website in collaboration with the IT team or relevant vendors.
- Help the businesses to understand content needs and make good decisions regarding updates and changes to their site content
- Work closely with the marketing groups to understand their needs and execute in a way that drives value across the organization
- Participate in weekly/daily editorial meetings with the Digital/MarComm team members depending on marketing activities.  
- Execute on digital marketing campaigns, such as creation of email templates to be used by all markets, to drive value for the organization.  
- Work closely with the Content Manager to configure emailing programs (e-blasts and eNL) utilizing e-mail tool.

Compétences demandées :

- Working knowledge of Drupal Acquia CMS, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, image optimization and experience with Content Management systems is preferred (min 2 years)
- Understanding of the role content plays on a marketing website
- Attention to detail, good organization skills and capacity to respond quickly to changes.
- The ability to work effectively within a team proactively and independently.
- College degree in a related major (business systems, journalism, computer and information systems, computer science or similar)
- Ability to work across the business to gain acceptance, achieve objectives and manage projects
- Effective project management, focus on quality, time management and organizational skills a must as candidate must manage multiple priorities simultaneously to meet deadlines
- Must have strong communication skills, be detail oriented, initiative spirit, responsible and collaborate closely with team members
- Experience with E-Mail Tools and Marketing Automation is a plus