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Une meilleure carrière est quelque part. Nous vous aiderons pour la décrocher


Mission :

* The Design System is developed in Rescript and uses Rescript/React to build the components. They are all available in a Storybook, following the Atomic Design guidelines.
* Design System consumers are either React projects, or projects built on top of other technologies for which we export the components through an intermediate project called "Standalone Frontend Views". Replay, the main consumer, is a SSR project using NextJS (Typescript + React).
* The work is organized around daily meetings, weekly releases, code reviews on each pull request, multiple teams contributing, etc.
* My client is seeking profil with expertise and know-how in ReactJS, Rescript, Typescript, NextJS, HTML/CSS, Jest and Cypress, Github Actions.
* The daily work consists of:
- Ensuring the development of new components / optimization of existing ones
- Improving Design System documentation
- Improving performances
- Improving SEO ranking
- Improving accessibility
- Interacting with other teams that consume Design System components
- Integration of components and other front tasks within the Replay project.

Qualités personnelles demandées :

Très bon niveau français courant et Anglais courant impératif