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Agile Business Analyst

Mission :

The Agile Business Analyst main function is to assist the Product Owner in the daily backlog management (writing of User Stories, validation of User Stories, sorting and priorization of backlog). He/She cannot replace the Product Owner who is the only backlog responsible and decision maker.

Compétences demandées :

* Provides Digital expertise
* Enlightens with digital experience the solutions imagined by Product Owner (best practices, consistency with market standards…)
* Gives advice on possible improvements in product backlog
* Supports Product Owner in Product Backlog priorization
* Proposes priorization adjustment based on the perceived value
* Participates in lifecycle of Product Backlog
* Ensures that the Product Backlog is visible, transparent, and clear to all
* Details each selected feature in the form of a User Story small enough to be implemented within one sprint, including acceptance criteria necessary for the team to understand and develop the user story
* Understands and prioritize Technical Stories suggested by the team as well as Defect Stories
* Clarify any User Story upon request from the Development Team during a Sprint
* Participates and contribute to Agile events with the Team
* He ensures the functional testing for the User Stories developed by the Agile team
* Accepts or refuses developed Stories (if the Product Owner has granted delegation)
* Evaluates the quality of previous releases and current release in production
* Checks the new release for regression issues