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Product Leader

Mission :

The Product Leader is accountable for maximizing value generated by products / platforms and enabling the Team to achieve best quality, user alignment, value creation and team engagement.
As a constructive sparring partner of the Product Owner, (s)he provides his/her insights throughout the product life-cycle. (S)He leverages his/her IT expertise and knowledge of IS.
Depending on the product type (size, complexity, delivery model…), (s)he acts as a scrum master, ensuring that every member adheres to Agile values and ways of working and understands the chosen framework practices.

Compétences demandées :

- Constructively challenges the Product Vision of the PO, ensuring that product roadmap elaboration involves DIR-A, Domain Directors and DIR-X
- Defines the product release strategy in close cooperation with the PO
- Understands and practices Agility
- Provides leadership in the adoption of Agile practices, culture and values by teams across a portfolio of projects
- Secures and promotes the Scrum framework, or other agile framework tools and practices
- Facilitates Scrum events as requested or needed
- Assists the Team during the framing phase of the product development in order to maximize the value creation
- Acts as the point of contact between the Team and the organization to make sure the required skills are staffed allowing efficient product development
- Enable the team to improve efficiency and quality of deliverables by following Agile development best practices
- Motivates the team and embodies positive and constructive mindset on top of Agile values and culture