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DBA Performance

Mission :

- Support the Performance team in assessing the performance of Cloud applications and associated databases.
- Analyze database activity and recommend improvements to optimize query performance and database tuning.
- Work closely with development teams to integrate good BDD design practices early in the development cycle.
- Participate in the identification of bottlenecks and performance issues on existing Cloud databases and propose solutions to resolve them.
- Provide and present detailed reports and analyses on database performance.
- Produce reports using Carrefour's standardized dashboards for Product teams and our own teams.
- Participate actively in the DBA community (hosting Talks, technical support, etc.).

Compétences demandées :

- Relational DBMS (PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL/MariaDB)
- Proficiency in procedural languages such as PL/SQL, T-SQL, PL/pgSQL, etc.
- Expertise in tuning SQL queries and databases is essential.
- Mastery of relational database design.
- Proficiency in procedural languages such as PL/SQL, T-SQL, PL/pgSQL ...
- Mastery of Azure, GCP and OCI clouds.
- Mastery of Agility concepts (Scrum, Sprint Planning, Backlog...)
- Proficiency in APM tools such as Dynatrace, AppDynamics, Datadog

Qualités personnelles demandées :

- Excellent written and oral communication skills (high quality deliverables and reports).
- Analytical and continuous improvement skills: ability to analyze and identify areas for improvement, and to propose a performance improvement plan.
- Autonomy and ability to work on several projects in parallel.
- Curious and proactive.
- Fluency in English